Romans 5

Romans 5

  Having a rough morning!? Well if you haven’t read Romans 5 I can tell you, your morning is fixing to get better, or if you have I bet it just got better!

 After reading Romans 5 my heart is rejoicing! Why?

Vs.1 I read I was reminded where this PEACE comes from, it comes from my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ!

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Romans 4

Vs.7-8 Happy are those whose wrongs are forgiven, whose sin has been pardoned! Happy is the person whose sins the Lord will not keep account of!

Oh the joy that fills my heart after reading those 2 verses! This kind of joy comes from the GIFT I received through Salvation. Like it says about Abraham in Vs. 2-3 Nothing I did to EARN it; but a GIFT I received when I put my faith and trust in Jesus Christ my Lord!

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Romans 3

Romans 3

   Sometimes Romans can be confusing and hard to understand. I think the bottom line is, back in the day before Jesus crucifixion they had laws to follow to become righteous or Christians. (I encourage you to read Exodus 32 for just the glimpse of some of the things that were required.)These people were taught this way.

Paul is trying to convince these Jews that it’s different now it’s not by the laws/things/works whatever they may call it those laws. They don’t matter! Because when Jesus came to earth and DIED his horrible death and rose, he made and easier way to become righteous and Gods children. It not killing a fatted calf, be circumcised or any “THING” we did, it is what HE did! His death on the cross was for you and me, now all a person has to do is BELIEVE and have “FAITH” that Jesus is the Son of God that he died on the cross and rose again. BY faith we can be SAVED today!

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“Overcoming Rejection”

“Overcoming Rejection”

  Once again I find it no accident that this “Overcoming Rejection” comes during a time God’s is sending me daily Scripture of going and sharing Jesus with lost souls around me! And fear of “rejection” is my biggest strong hold!

We most likely have been rejected in some way, and we all struggle with different rejections! Another devotion that crossed my path this morning not by accident (I BELIEVE) is in the photo below. Ladies rejection is real; but today I am reminded in the prayer below it is also from the enemy! God is bigger then him and we will be safe!

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Romans 2

~ Romans 2 ~

Vs.1-11 But you, my friend, do those things for which you pass judgment on others…(Vs.3) As I have shared several times casting judgment was one of my sins for a long time! In the beginning of 2018 God gave me 2 words, “consider” and “compassion”. And through His Word and prayer He helped me have a broken heart ~vs~ a judgmental heart. Satan still trips me; but Praise be to God He is quick to remind me to consider & have compassion! Now I have to retrain those precious souls who heard me so long that it is not our job to judge; but to LOVE, be an example, and pray for others!

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Romans 1

Romans 1

   Well I will try again, I started in Romans 1; but only got to Vs.5 in this chapter until God reminded I need to recognize my ministry/gifts as a Privilege! I need to be “A vase” for Him. He reminded me how and why I can be “A vase” vessel for Him, not by my own strength and power; but because of the One/Power who lives inside me. And the promise He gave the disciples on Matthew 28:20 …And I will be with you always, to the end of time is still true for me today! He does not expect me to do ministering alone, He wants to do it and me just be willing and available!

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What would you say?

 What would you say?

  What would your last commandment be for your children if you knew you were leaving this earth?

  On Saturday I took Logan to the Pryor Rec Center to attempt swim lessons. When a long time known friend and husband showed up. We began to visit and talk about God and churches, when the husband who is a pastor made the comment, “One of the last words Jesus said before ascending into Heaven was But then when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you are filled with power, and you will be witnesses for me in Jerusalem, in all of Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. It never dawned on me or I never considered what some of His last words were such as these!

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“Overcoming Anxiety”

“Overcoming Anxiety”

This study came from Kaylene Yoder’s “30 Days of Scripture & Prayer for personal Spiritual Warfare! See HERE for more info!

   I find it no mistake that this study on “Overcoming Anxiety” follows right after I study of being an available “Vase”. Anxiety is not a struggle I battle; until it comes to being “A Vase”! SO I am so thankful to the Lord for sending this directly after that.

 When anxiety comes knocking…

Deuteronomy 3:22 don’t be afraid of them, for the Lord God will fight for you.

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